AVS is redefining interventional therapy for severely calcified lesions with the PULSE PIVL™ System and its novel, pulsatile mechanism of action that shatters calcium and expands the vessel, all with a single device.

Clinical Applications of PULSE™ PIVL

line drawing of a leg with veins


The First Application of the PULSE IVL System

Peripheral Artery Disease: Treating severely calcified lesions above the knee and in the femoropopliteal artery

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The Next Frontier

Coronary Artery Disease


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Foundational Evidence

Promising preclinical results in severely calcified cadaveric limbs demonstrate ability to Pulse, Shatter and Expand without adjunctive devices

  • Intuitive, deliverable and technically feasible design
  • Shatters circumferential, eccentric, medial and intimal intravascular calcium
  • Expands the vessel using the same balloon that shatters the calcium



pre-treatment cross section of blood vessel


Post Treatment demonstrates calcium shattering using PIVL

Post treatment blood vessel cross section with improved areas hilighted

The effects [of the PIVL™ System] are pretty striking and at least on parity with most of the other devices that have come across my desk.” 
         — Aloke Finn, MD, CV Path Institute

Headshot of Dr Aloke Finn