How does the PULSE IVL™ System work?

PIVL™ utilizes low intensity, high frequency pressure waves to generate fractures in the plaque and expand stenotic lesions to restore blood flow. Waves are delivered to calcified vessels through a noncompliant balloon that simultaneously fragments calcium and dilates the artery during the same treatment session.

Watch the video to learn the 4 phases of our treatment

CROSS: Cross the lesion with the PULSE IVL™ Catheter delivered over an 0.014” wire. Prime to 0.5 atm to enable energy transmission.

PULSE: Low-intensity, high-frequency pulses are transmitted by the balloon to the calcium, initiating lithotripsy.

FRACTURE: PIVL™ cracks intimal and medial calcium, increasing vessel elasticity

EXPAND: The non-compliant PULSE IVL™ Balloon enables the low-stress expansion of the surrounding soft tissues to maximize luminal gain

Pulse System Components

Three simple components for easy integration into your endovascular lab

  1. Pulse IVL™ System
    • High intensity, low attenuation pulse energy generation
    • Low crossing profile
    • Non-compliant
  2. Pulse IVL™ Console
    • Intuitive User Interface
    • Optimizes energy delivery based on lesion compliance
  3. Pulse IVL™ Handle
    • Ergonomic handle for clinician interaction
PULSE AVS system components